Dual Pencil- Eyeliner- Eyeshadow

Dual Pencil- Eyeliner- Eyeshadow

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Kajal and eyeshadow in one product.

Kajal petrol green. Emerald green eyeshadow: For a sensual look.

The eye pencil Duo by PuroBio Cosmetics has two soft leads, the thin one for the kajal, the other one for the eyeshadow, which makes it perfect for a full colour or for fine lines.

The Eye Pencil Duo is enriched with plant derived oils and vitamins to nourish your skin. The soft kajal lead can be used on your waterline for a sensual look, but also as an eyeliner.

The eyeshadow lead has a velvety finish and it is easy to apply and blend on your eyelids.

Nickel tested, vegan ok, certified organic by ccpb.